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Consulting services

Keith Gilbert is available on an hourly, half-day or daily basis for consulting projects, such as…

  • XML consulting: helping you develop a workflow and templates for publishing repetitive data with InDesign from a database
  • Database publishing expertise using InDesign and InData
  • Macintosh and Windows system troubleshooting and configuration
  • Font, color, and printing troubleshooting
  • Prepress and publication workflow consulting
  • Workflow and application automation through custom JavaScript programming
  • Foreign language page layout expertise
  • Remote "help-desk" support for select clients
  • Speaking engagements at industry trade shows, conferences, and association meetings

Expertise in the following areas

  • Software: InDesign, InCopy, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Illustrator, FreeHand, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Acrobat, Pitstop, Portfolio, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst, Suitcase, FontExplorer, FontAgent Pro, Connect, Contribute, Captivate, SoundBooth
  • Operating systems: Macintosh OS and OS X, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7
  • Scripting languages: JavaScript, a little bit of AppleScript and Visual Basic
  • Networking: Windows networks, Novell networks, Appleshare networks, OS X Server
  • Other: Macintosh-Windows integration, Foreign-language page layout