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Some typical consulting projects

A company that sells molecules to research scientists asked me to develop a way for them to efficiently produce a 975 page catalog from their product database. Read about the solution here (1 page case study in PDF).

An electronic components distributor asked me to automate production of complex "new product" brochures that are produced several times a year in eight languages each. Read about the solution here (1 page case study in PDF).

A company that sells cake decorating supplies hired me to create an automated catalog production workflow that doesn't sacrifice designer's creative freedom. Read about the solution here (1 page case study in PDF).

A publisher of legal texts asked me to develop a way to extract product name, descripton and price information from hundreds of formatted InDesign files in XML format so they could import the information into their database. Read about the solution here (1 page case study in PDF).

Developed a series of custom InDesign scripts that enabled an electronic components distributor to trim hundreds of hours of labor from their production cycle for producing a 2800 page catalog.

Created custom Photoshop Actions for a book publisher that automates a repetitive prepress process, saving a prepress technician several hours each week.

Helped a health plan benefits company develop an XML publishing process and custom indexing system that enables them to quickly and efficiently produce drug formulary guides in an automated fashion.

Developed efficient workflows for the State of MN for obtaining translation services and doing page layout of forms, brochures, and other publications in ten different languages, using flexible Unicode-compliant methods. Included complex non-roman languages such as Lao, Khmer, Arabic, and Russian

Assisted Apple Computer in the development of curriculum and sales tools for Apple Computer for use in training Apple Corporate and Field Sales staff in the benefits of the Macintosh vs. Windows computer for graphic arts.

Helped graphic artists and writers at a medical device company solve font compatibility problems between their Macintosh and Windows computers.

Helped a Realtors association transition to using PDF eforms for home buying/selling transaction papers.

Developed a workflow for the MN Dept. of Human Services for moving a high volume of paper forms and publications to electronic forms available on the MN DHS public Web site.