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Articles I've written

December 2009: CSI: Creative Suite Investigation, an article for InDesign Magazine about analyzing and fixing images

June 2009: Follow the Leader, an article for InDesign Magazine about formatting Tables of Contents

June 2009: How to Create a Flag Graphic with Type in InDesign, an article for the Vectortuts+ web site

June 2009: How to Use Multi-Layered Illustrator Artwork in InDesign, an article for the Vectortuts+ web site

February 2009: How to Win the Layout Relay Race, an article for InDesign Magazine about exporting to Flash format from InDesign CS4

August 2008: Get Movin', 6 Ways to Move Assets In and Out of InDesign, an article for InDesign Magazine

December 2007: Build PDF Tooltips Inside InDesign, an article for InDesign Magazine

June 2007: Quick and Easy Photo Contact Sheets, an article for InDesign Magazine

March 2007: InDesign How-To: Six Small Things, Six Big Results, an article for

December 2005: Turn the Tables, an article for InDesign Magazine

May 2005: Adobe InDesign CS2 review for

1997-2004: Archive of newsletter articles by Keith Gilbert

All articles are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Acrobat Reader version 4 is needed to view the files.

Controlling line breaks
How to precisely control where your lines of text break at the end of a line

Finding the perfect quote
Useful Web sites for finding the perfect quotation quickly and easily

Handy design utilities
Useful resources for designers.

How to preview your fonts
Utilities for printing sample sheets of your font library

Acrobat 6 for graphics users
An overview of the design & prepress features of Acrobat 6

Using placeholder text
How to generate "nonsense" text to help mock-up layouts

Reader spreads vs. printer spreads
How to rearrange your pages from "reader" order to "printer" order

Using spot color
Tips for using spot color effectively

Your next computer, a laptop?
The advantages of a laptop computer for design & publishing

Specifying page size correctly
How to specify page size properly in your software

Recommended reading
Two highly-recommended books

Do you need a font manager
How font managment software can help you

Increase your productivity with a second monitor
The advantages of using two monitors for page layout

Unique stock photo sources
Links to some unusual stock photo suppliers

Checking PDF files for integrity
How to "preflight" PDF files before sending them to your printer.

Should you upgrade your software?
Things to consider before you upgrade.

How to create Acrobat PDF files
Learn four popular ways to create PDF files.

Designing with transparent effects
How to safely use transparent effects.

Creating perfect blends
How to create smooth, "band-free" blends.

A new font format
The advantages of the OpenType font format.

Compress your files
Why, how, and when you should use file compression software.

Goof-proof duotones
How to create predictable duotones.

Tricks with tints
How to use screen tints effectively.

Help identifying typefaces
Three handy resources to help you identify a mystery font.

New Web service for business reply mail
Information about a service to help you create business reply mail pieces.

Using digital camera images in print
How to calculate the maximum printing size for digital images.

Using trademark symbols
Where and how to use the trademark symbols properly.

"Polish" your documents
How to use Em dashes, En dashes, ellipses and curled quotes to enhance the look of your publications.

Design for readability
How to enhance the readability of your publications.

Fonts are fonts?
How to evaluate the quality and appropriate use of fonts that you have, or wish you that you have.

Using Acrobat for document review
How to use Adobe Acrobat to streamline the document review process.

Bitmap, vector, and metafiles
A discussion of the differences between bitmap, vector, and metafile graphics formats, and the appropriate uses of each.

Sending files to a service provider
Use the features of your page layout software to gather all the components of your project.

New PANTONE colors
An explanation of the various PANTONE color guides that all designers and publishers working in color should own.

Working with non-English text
How Unicode and OpenType can help you create foreign language documents.

Stock photos on the Web
The difference between "royalty-free" and "stock" photography.

FTP your files
How to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to send files to your service provider.

Take control of your clip art
An introduction to Digital Asset Management software.

Print-ready graphics formats
When and where to use the TIFF, EPS, GIF and JPEG graphics formats.

Copyfitting "cheap tricks"
Underhanded techniques to try to make text shorter or longer to fit a given area.

Idea books
Try these books for creative ideas for your print projects.