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Adobe Acrobat training

The following Acrobat seminars are tried, tested and ready to present for your company. But any seminar can be customized to your specific needs…just ask! Download a pdf training seminar catalog to see all the courses I've developed.

Creative Suite and Acrobat

If you’re an Adobe Creative Suite user, this one is for you! This seminar will contain an overview of the many areas where the various Creative Suite applications (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, etc.) touch the world of Acrobat and PDF. Special attention will be paid to how Acrobat can help the various programs in the suite work together better.

You betcha! Acrobat can do that, and more!

Acrobat Professional offers a lot more than just viewing and printing PDF files. In this session we will focus on 10 things that don’t get much attention in Acrobat, but are very useful. My goal is that you would leave this seminar with a pocketful of tips that will make your life easier!

Commenting and reviewing best practices

There is more to adding comments to a PDF than using the “Sticky Note” tool! In this session you will learn best practices to follow so that your comments and markups are easy to understand by others in the review cycle. Learn handy shortcuts for using the Text Edits tool and how to use the Drawing Markup tools correctly. Learn the best way to indicate revisions to graphics as well as text. Learn how to quickly hide and show comments, how to quickly identify comments in a document, and more. A successful commenting workflow hinges on collaborators following these best practices. Options for creating a shared review in Acrobat 8 and 9 will also be discussed.

Make good PDFs from files that contain transparent effects

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop can all create beautiful, complex transparent effects. Getting these transparent effects into a full-fidelity PDF can be problematic, however. By following a few simple rules when you create and view your PDF in Acrobat, you can ensure that your PDFs will appear on-screen and print properly every time. Come to this seminar to find out how! Creating interactive forms with Adobe Acrobat

PDF Preflight — what you need to know

Do you want to ensure that the PDF files you send to a printer are ready for high-quality output? Are you certain that batch of PDF files you are about to put on your Web site are all made to the same specifications? If so, you need to learn how to use Acrobat’s Preflight feature, and this seminar is for you! You will learn:

  • How to use the built-in preflight profiles to check your files for standard print conditions
  • How to create and edit your own preflight profiles to check files for your specific, unique requirements
  • How to use the Preflight tools to actually change PDF files, such as changing color files to grayscale, downsampling images, or embedding fonts. 
  • How to use the Object Inspector to examine the attributes of individual page items
  • How overprint preview works in Acrobat

Creating interactive forms with Adobe Acrobat