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How custom training works

I specialize in custom training sessions done either on-site at your location, or remotely via Adobe Acrobat Connect. Both approaches work well for individual, small group, or large group training. The benefits of customized training include:

  • No need to travel to a class
  • Training is carefully tailored to your specific needs
  • Training can be done using your computers.

Training can be either hands-on, where each participant in a small group has a computer, or "seminar style" with a projection system supplemented by detailed handouts.

Remote training via Adobe Acrobat Connect allows me to deliver effective training where it is not cost effective to travel, such as for very short training sessions or when participants are spread across a wide geographic area.

Another training service that we offer is custom training videos. If you have specific processes that are unique to your workflow, we can develop short, focused custom training video clips that your staff can watch and learn from as they need.

Training is never done in a vacuum. Since I teach all the major graphic design products, I can help you learn how to integrate your various pieces of software. For example, you'll learn not only how to edit an image in Photoshop, but how to best bring that image into your page layout program.

Download a pdf catalog of custom training seminars that are tried, tested and ready to present for your company. But any seminar can be customized to your specific needs…just ask!

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