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Adobe InDesign training

The following InDesign seminars are tried, tested and ready to present for your company. But any seminar can be customized to your specific needs…just ask! Download a pdf training seminar catalog to see all the courses I've developed.

InDesign CS4 upgrade & advanced techniques

This seminar is an opportunity to quickly learn all the new and revised features of InDesign CS4, in one half-day seminar. Several little-known, advanced techniques from previous versions of InDesign will also be demonstrated.

Fast track to InDesign for QuarkXPress users

This seminar aims to get participants productive with InDesign as quickly as possible. The emphasis is on applying participants’ knowledge of Quark tasks to equivalent InDesign tasks. Typically presented in two half-day sessions for new InDesign users.

Creating interactive Flash or PDF files with InDesign

InDesign CS4 can be used to author interactive documents destined for PDF or Flash. Learn how to add page transitions, buttons, movies, sound and interactivity to InDesign files. Learn how to create a finished SWF or PDF file from InDesign, and how to create an FLA file for further editing in Flash.

12 InDesign Essentials

Adobe InDesign is an amazing program. It is chock full of features and offers multiple ways to accomplish most tasks. This workshop will look at twelve essential concepts that will enable you to take full advantage of InDesign’s streamlined workflow, power, and precision.

Adobe InDesign production tips and tricks

Adobe InDesign has such a rich set of features, there is always more to learn. Whether you are new to InDesign or a seasoned veteran, you’re sure to learn something from this seminar. Learn keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks that will boost your production performance to the next level. Whether you’re a designer, art director or production artist, you won’t want to miss this one!

Creating print-ready PDF files from InDesign

Sure its easy to create a PDF from InDesign, but will the PDF be ready for commercial printing? In this seminar, you will learn how to ensure that your PDFs are print-ready and of the highest quality. Learn the differences between the two ways to create PDF files from InDesign. Learn about how to deal with transparency, bleeds, crop marks, custom page sizes and binding issues when creating a PDF. Learn when and how to compress images to save space, and when to leave them alone. Learn how to create PDFs to match a particular print vendor’s specifications, and how to use PDF standards to create a PDF when the vendor is unknown.

InDesign/InCopy workflow

“What’s this InCopy thing that I keep hearing about?” This is your chance to see InCopy in action. A real workflow between an editor and a production artist will be demonstrated in this session. Come and learn what InCopy can do for you, how it does it, and what is necessary for it to work well in the real world.

Moving content between files

In this session, we will examine the pros and cons of six different ways to move text and images from one InDesign file and reuse that content in another InDesign project. Copy and Paste, Move Pages, Libraries, Snippets and placed PDF and InDesign files will be discussed.

InDesign typography

Virtually every design project includes some text. Well-set type will draw the reader into the content and convey your message effectively. This seminar will “deep dive” into the rich and diverse typographic features found in Adobe InDesign. You will learn the following:

  • The differences between OpenType, PostScript, and Truetype fonts, and why you should care
  • How to use InDesign’s OpenType features such as Swash Characters, Contextual Alternates and Oldstyle Figures
  • The best way to create typographically correct fractions using any font
  • When and how to use Optical Margin Alignment
  • How kerning and tracking is specified differently than Quark, and how to use this to your advantage
  • How to set justified copy attractively, avoiding the dreaded “rivers of white”
  • The top five copyfitting techniques, and how to use them invisibly
  • How to fix and prevent unattractive or incorrect line endings
  • How to automatically prevent widows and orphans
  • How to use obscure-but-useful features such as Align to Spine, Balance Ragged Lines and Last Line Right Indent.
  • How to use automatic bullets and numbered paragraphs.
  • How to control hyphenation
  • How, when, and why to use “special” characters such as em dashes, non-breaking spaces and figure spaces
  • How to quickly locate and insert ornaments, dingbats, and alternate characters…and much more!

InDesign long document techniques

Data publishing with InDesign using XML

InDesign table techniques

How to export InDesign content to the Web

Preparing InDesign layouts for successful printing

Creating accessible PDFs from InDesign files