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The following seminars are tried, tested and ready to present for your company. But any seminar can be customized to your specific needs…just ask! Download a pdf training seminar catalog to see all the courses I've developed.

Secrets of Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is the hidden gem in Adobe Creative Suite — a fantastic utility that can do some amazing things. Bridge interfaces with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Acrobat in some incredibly useful ways. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to use Bridge to manage your photos, artwork, and layouts
  • How to use Bridge to preview virtually any graphics file type without needing to open Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Acrobat
  • How to use Bridge to retrieve images from your digital camera, and to quickly rank and sort those images
  • How XMP metadata can help you locate, recall and manage your digital files
  • How to automate your workflow: perform InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop tasks from within Bridge
  • How to easily drag and drop images from Bridge into InDesign and Illustrator

Using Presentations

Finally, an alternative to PowerPoint! Learn how to take full advantage of this new free service from Adobe. Learn how to create presentations in collaboration with others, online. Learn how to use Adobe’s provided templates, or create your own look for your presentation. Learn how to distribute finished presentations created with this new tool.

What’s cookin’ in the labs?

Adobe has all kinds of cool things on the burners in their software development labs. While we can’t talk about unannounced technology, Adobe is quite transparent about some of their development efforts. Learn more about exciting new products, technologies and services such as Presentations, BrowserLab, Pixel Bender, Story, Configurator, Adobe AIR, Switchboard, XMP, Flash Catalyst and more. Come and join the speculation about what the computing and information landscape might look like in the future.

Blogging 101

Do you want to start blogging, but don’t know how? Are you already blogging, but have questions about how to do it better? Come to this informal session to join a conversation about blogging “best practices”. Some topics we may discuss include:

  • How a blog differs from a Web site
  • The anatomy of a blog
  • How to choose a blog host and start a blog
  • Creating blog entries: how to pace yourself
  • Understanding RSS feeds and blog subscriptions
  • How to track blog readership
  • How to foster a community of blog readers

Font management

Preflighting files with FlightCheck

Using Pitstop to edit and preflight PDF files

Introduction to XML