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Adobe Photoshop training

The following Photoshop seminars are tried, tested and ready to present for your company. But any seminar can be customized to your specific needs…just ask! Download a pdf training seminar catalog to see all the courses I've developed.

Photoshop CS4 upgrade & advanced techniques

This seminar is an opportunity to quickly learn all the new and revised features of Photoshop CS4, in one two-hour seminar. Several little-known, advanced techniques from previous versions of Photoshop will also be demonstrated.

Photoshop Flexibility
(non-destructive image editing)

Learn, practice, and apply these low-impact Photoshop “stretching” techniques, and the result will be measurable improvements in your Photoshop flexibility, guaranteed. The techniques you will learn in this seminar will enable you to change your mind easily, keep your options open, maintain the highest image quality and edit images non-destructively. You will learn about:

  • Altering color and tone with Adjustment Layers
  • Transforming images with Smart Objects
  • Applying non-destructive filtering with Smart Filters
  • Using a Layer Mask to “erase” part of an image
  • Cropping an image with a Vector Mask
  • Adding color to image with Layer Effects
  • When to use the PSD file format
  • Using Layer Comps to save “versions” of your artwork
  • Using a Clipping Mask as a “cookie cutter” … and much more!

Photoshop color correction

Photoshop offers a plethora of tools and functions for correcting color. But color correction doesn’t have to be hard. In this seminar, we will learn how to best approach color correction tasks in Photoshop. Particular focus will be spent on making non-destructive color changes. Topics will include:

  • Identifying the three most powerful color correction features in Photoshop
  • A deep-dive into the Curves Adjustment Layer feature
  • Using Hue/Saturation for large color shifts
  • Understanding the Shadows/Highlights feature
  • Isolating the scope of color correction using masks

Mastering the 3D features of Photoshop Extended

The 3D features of Photoshop Extended allow designers to import and manipulate 3D imagery in exciting new ways that could change your workflow. Learn how to obtain 3D images from Web sites and other sources, how to rotate, slice and composite 3D imagery with 2D photos, learn how to map 2D artwork onto 3D images, and more.

Photoshop Masking Techniques

One of the most common Photoshop tasks is removing an object from its background. This is easy with simple, high-contrast images. But what about “polar bear in the snow” type of images? There are at least eight different ways to select objects and remove backgrounds in Photoshop. In this session you will learn the best approach for different types of images and how to use the various methods. You will learn:

  • How to master the new Quick Selection tool in Photoshop
  • The best method of extracting subjects with hair, fur and feathers
  • A neat channel-based selection trick for difficult subjects
  • When it is appropriate to build a clipping mask, and when this is not the best solution

Mastering layers

This workshop will help participants harness the power of Photoshop’s layer features. Participants will learn

  • How to use automatic layer effects in unusual ways
  • How to quickly align objects on layers, and other layer shortcuts
  • How to use Layer masks to blend images
  • How to use layer opacity and transparency
  • How to merge, flatten, and link layers
  • Quick layer selection techniques
  • How to separate layer effects from an image
  • How to use Adjustment layers to change the color and exposure of images