New script to remove units from the clipboard contents

This tiny little script was created in response to a request by an InDesign user.

This little script does one little thing: It removes any characters that are not the numerals 0–9 or the decimal point from the clipboard contents. Why would you care about such a thing? A user told me that he routinely copies values out of numeric panel and dialog box fields in InDesign, and pastes them into a calculator or spreadsheet app for further processing. If you copy and paste 145 pt or 11.5 in, for example, you'll need to remove the pt or the in before you can include the numbers in calcularations.

This script removes the tedium of this. Just copy the value you want, run the script, and anything that isn't a numeral or decimal point is removed.

Of course, if you do this all the time, you should use Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to assign a keyboard shortcut to the script so you can run it quickly and effortlessly.

You can download the free "Remove units from clipboard contents" script here.


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