New script to show all hidden spreads

A free script to add a missing feature in InDesign 2024

InDesign 2024 includes a new "Hide Spreads" feature that allows you to hide a spread from being printed or exported. There are some workflows where this could be dangerous or confusiing if a user isn't aware that a spread is hidden. Its conceivable that in a long document a spread could be hidden and a user wouldn't notice the little eye icon in the pages panel that indicates a spread is hidden.

InDesign 2024 doesn't have an easy way to just display all the hidden spreads in a document. To force all the pages in a document to be displayed, you can:

  1. Select the first page of the document in the Pages panel

  2. Hold shift and select the last page of the document in the Pages panel

  3. Choose Layout > Pages > Show Spread

  4. Choose Layout > Pages > Hide Spread

Or, you can download and run the new Show all hidden spreads script, which does all of this in a single step. Thanks to my friend James Wamser for the script idea!

You can find this, and all my other free scripts here.


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