Custom artboard script

A customer needed to routinely create Illustrator files that each contained 200+ artboards. Each artboard needed to be named with a custom name to make eventual export easy. At the start of each project, they already had the name for each artboard entered into their DAM system. But they were tediously manually renaming each artboard in Illustrator—a lot of typing, leading to wasted time and lots of mistakes.

I wrote a custom Adobe Illustrator script that extracts the artboard names from a spreadsheet exported from the DAM, cleans up the names to meet specific filename rules, and names each artboard automatically, saving the client 30-90 minutes at the start of each illustration project, and, more importantly, increases accuracy and reduces mistakes.

Script to automate print production

A promotional products printing client routinely went through a multi-step process at the beginnning of each custom printing job. I consulted with the client to learn the workflow steps that users completed on each job, suggested areas of improvement, and then wrote a script that reduces the multiple steps to a single step. More importantly, a step in the process that previously relied on humans "eyeballing" artwork positioning is now done automatically by the script, eliminating the chance of errors.